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The Dingo & Coyote

G’day from Dogtown

Welcome to the site where the dingo and the coyote cross paths ... and then vainly try to make sense of it all. Do toilets really flow backwards 'down under', and why do Americans drive on the wrong side of the road? "The internet: A magnificent new technology combining the credibility of anonymous hearsay with the excitement of typing." - America (The book): A citizen's guide to democracy inaction, The Daily Show, 2004 “There are no facts anymore, only good or bad fiction.” - Denny Crane, Boston Legal, ABC TV, America (March 2006) SITE MAP (Click for index to site contents) Australian & American cultures intersect in words, quotes, video, photos & art with a focus on contrasts & paradoxes - a mix of silliness, satire and sobriety.