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The Australian Architectural Heritage:  Interpretations of Paradise Australians are great travellers ...  They travel to the far flung corners of the planet, always seeking out the wonders of other cultures and other places.  Inevitably they depart for home feeling truly moved by the sheer beauty of much of what they have seen.  Upon their return, many feel so inspired that they set out to carefully recreate and capture ... in a tangible way ... the essence of those breathtaking experiences, on their very own soil.   This spirit may well explain Australia's reputation for designing and building world class apartment blocks, many of which ...  as their external name plates proudly proclaim ... pay special tribute to their international sources of influence.   This unique and widely influential architectural fusion - of the best from both cultures - has long remained at the forefront of what some call 'Australian style' (i.e. the truly distinctive design sense often compared favorably with America's equally striking 'Southwest' or 'Santa Fe style'). Cynics (and those possibly harboring un-Australian thoughts) unkindly suggest that the true source of inspiration for these warm hearted tributes to other cultures is the housing estate architecture of the former Eastern Bloc. Communist design solutions, presumably reflecting the much feted socialist spirit of Australia itself.  They take the view that Australians are in active pursuit of social realism 'down under' ... another great leap forward ... an apartment for  every worker, built by selfless (if not idealistic) developers whose thankless concern is the welfare of all future tenants.   However the reality is that, thanks to such unbridled altruism, Australians are also given a true head start in fulfilling their dream of world class living ... unique housing blocks that instantly transport any passer-by to distant, exotic places.     Some commentators go so far as to suggest the style represents a forerunner of the 'minimalism' now dominant in the design features of virtually every chic new cafe and restaurant in Sydney.   From minimalist soviet-era balconies to minimalist aussie decor and kitchenware! It appears almost every 'Sydneysider' has now caught this new millenium retro wave.   A time to celebrate (again in typical world class fashion) their relentless progress towards minimal time, minimal space, minimal taste, but always maximum price!  - Bruce Dickson & Debbie Dresner  www.dropbearito.com 2004 Capri (Italy)
As times have changed, so too have the international sources of inspiration for these Aussie housing wonders ... with even more esoteric and exotic locations targeted for attention.
Aloha (Australia)
Hawaii (USA)
Tangier (Australia)
Santa Fe (Australia)
Santa Fe (USA)
Tahiti (Australia)
Tangier (Morocco)
Tahiti (Polynesia)
Costa Brava (Australia)
Sierras (USA)
Costa Brava (Spain)
Balboa Park (USA)
The Corals (Aust)
Pacific Sunrise (Aust)
Monaco (Aust)
The Corals
Pacific Sunrise
Sierra (Australia)
Costa Brava (Australia)
Sierras (USA)