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About: The Meaning of 'Dropbearito’  

’dropbearito’ - what the !??                    

'Dropbear' - Noun (Australia): Vicious, cuddly, feral bear. Normally engages in surprise attacks from an overhead tree, beating victims to a pulp. 'Dropbear Fyvearmsia': A secretive, sub-species with five arms. Four to hold you and one to beat the crap out of you. Beware.* PLUS 'Burrito' - Noun (Mexico/USA): Drip-free, fat free, wrapped food for dieters - who commonly eat the traditional 'everything burrito' with extra cheese and lashings of lard laden, refried beans. From the original founders of chocolate and chili. [*Source: The Illustrated Oxford Origin of the Faeces. First published 2004.]   'Dropbearito' - Noun (Origin Unknown): 1.) A state of being, characterized by burrito-eating ecstacy while treading cautiously under gum trees. 2.) An explosive burrito filled with cheese, guacamole, salsa fresca, & sauted dropbear www.dropbearito.com Australian & American cultures intersect in words, quotes, video, photos & art with a focus on contrasts & paradoxes - a mix of silliness, satire and sobriety.